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Project AstroFly Examples: Colors of Stars of the Constellation of Orion

This image, generated by AstroFly, shows the stars forming the constellation of Orion, depicted with their "real" colors. The term "real" means that the color of a depicted star corresponds to the color that the human eye would perceive if the light from the star was not affected by the Earth's atmosphere. The computation of each star's color is based on its effective temperature; the detailed description is available in the AstroFly Help.
(No gamma correction was imposed on this picture.)

Compare the colors of stars in the above image with those in this impressive photograph.

Tip: If JavaScript is enabled in your browser, place the mouse pointer over the above image to display also names of famous stars and lines of constellations.

To get this view in AstroFly, follow these steps:
  1. Start AstroFly.
  2. Press F5 to hide lines and names of all the constellations, and press F6 to hide names of famous stars.
  3. In the Main Control Panel, uncheck the box Limit Visual Magnitude (from the Sun).
  4. In the Main Control Panel, enter the value 36 into the FOV Angle in Degrees field.
  5. Press F4 to open the Constellations Control Panel.
  6. In the Constellations Control Panel, find the constellation of Orion in the list, and click it two times.